Could you imagine

   how it would be

if you (Shout Your Name)

   were on TV?


There would be lights, camera, action

   and away you would go!

and you (Shout Your Name)

   would be star of the show!


There would be many adventures

   and you would always come through

because of the fact…

   you would be…SUPER-YOU!


Now, no one would guess

   the super things that you did

since you’d be disguised

   as just a regular kid


How all of your friends

   would be surprised if they knew   

that their TV hero 

   was really YOU!



Today's TV adventure begins...

High on a mountain                                                    

     where a great castle stood,                             

lived a kindly old scientist                            

     who wished to do good.                                             


And down in the valley                                             

   was a town without cheer                                          

for the people who lived there                               

   trembled in fear.                                                                  


They thought the scientist                                         

   was doing them harm                                                        

for their crops had all failed                                       

   on each farmer’sfarm.                                                          


But they didn’t know him                                         

   and that was ashame.                                                       

It wasn’t his fault!                                                           

   He wasn’t to blame!                                                          


While up in the castle                                                

   the scientist knew                                                               

they needed his help;                                                 

   an invention would do!                                                  


So, in his laboratory,                                                  

   by a candle light’s glow,                                                 

he invented a potion                                                  

   that made all things grow.                                          


He knew he should test it                                          

   before it was sent;                                                              

so, into his kitchen                                                           

   with the potion he went.                                                  



In front of the stove

   stood his wife (he called Pam).

She was cooking his favorite—

   some strawberry jam.


“Ah ha!” he thought,

   “I shall test it on that!”

So, he poured a few drops

   right into the vat.


Well—it started to bubble

   and it started to grow.

Over the top of the vat

   It began to flow!


Down the side of the stove

   and over the floor;

there was so much jam

   it flowed out of the door!


That strawberry jam

   became a river of glop.

The scientist was helpless.

   He couldn’t make it stop.                                       


It reached the edge of the mountain

   and then,  it went down.

If  it couldn’t be stopped

   all the people would drown!


Just then—he remembered

   what he could do.

He ran to his phone

   and phoned—SUPER-YOU!


You were reading a book                                            

   and quite all alone                                                         

when you heard the BEEP—BEEP                           

   on your belt-buckle-phone.                                          


The message was urgent                                            

   and full of dispair.                                                           

That frightened, old scientist                                     

   begged SUPER-YOU to rush there!                       


There wasn’t much time                                            

   to do your good deed.                                                

So, you raced to  your room                                     

   with all of your speed!                                                


Then—looking about                                                     

    you knew what to do!                                                  

You stepped into your closet                                 

     and stepped out—SUPER-YOU!                              


With a leap and bound                                               

   you sprang into the air!                                              

With speed that was super                                        

    you soon would be there.                                           



At last you could see                                                    

   the castle and moat.                                                      

On an ocean of jam                                                       

   they appeared to float.                                                 


Then, you saw the scientist!                                     

     It had to be him!                                                          

He’d slipped into the jam                                            

   and was trying to swim.                                             



He started to sink!

   You had no time to lose

if you were to save him

   from that strawberry ooze.


From out of the sky

   you dove like a flash

and pulled him right out

   with a plop and a splash.


But—t’was that river of jam,

   that was oozing down,

that you had to stop              

   before it covered the town!


So, you flew down the mountain

  and stood in front of the flood.

Would your super strength be enough

  to stop that strawberry mud?


And then it came at you!

   It was sticky and sweet!

It oozed all around you

   and between your two feet.



 (We must interrupt our story

   for a commercial or two

and then back to our adventure

   with our star—SUPER-YOU).


Your super strength didn’t help!

   (That was not hard to explain.)

It wasn’t strength that you needed.

   You needed your brain!                        


So, you thought super thoughts                                

    and thought up a notion                                                

how to save the town’s people                                 

    with some of that potion!                                             


Then, back to the castle,                                            

    you flew with your plan,                                                

where you found the poor scientist.                     

    (What a worried old man.)                                            


He gave you the potion.                                            

    Into the kitchen you sped                                          

where you found what you wanted,                    

    a loaf of baked bread.                                                     


You doused it with potion                                         

    and it started to rise.                                                       

It grew and it grew                                                             

    to a monstrous size.                                                           


With super strength, you picked it                        

    up into the air                                                                      

and flew down the mountain                                    

    with no time to spare.                                                     



 Between two high hills                                                

    that big bread you did cram!                                      

And what you created                                                  

    was a dam for the jam.                                                  


Thus, the people were saved                                                           

    by a huge loaf of bread.

When they wanted to thank you,

    you said,   “Thank him instead.”                                             


And so, the old scientist

   was hailed and was cheered.

And from the mayor of the town

   a proclamation appeared:                


“Our crops have all failed

   and there is no meat to carve.

But—with the bread and the jam

   we will not have to starve.


We owe it all to our friend

   from the castle above,

wrongly blamed for our troubles

   but we now offer love.


With a smile on your face

   you flew back to your house

and crept into your room

   as still as mouse.


And no one discovered

   what you just did

and that you are not

   just an ordinary kid.



Tune in next time

   to our show—SUPER-YOU!

But—before we sign off,

   just a commercial or two.)




 © robert 2014