A Child In The Well - Rescue






A child falls into a deep, dry well and lands injured but alive at the bottom. TV news and newspapers pickup the story of the attempted rescue drawing tens of thousands of people to follow every moment of the rescue. There is danger of the well collapsing and burying the child if the rescuers are not careful. TV camera crews follow every move of the rescuers throughout the day and night. Americans from coast to coast follow every move, donating money and equipment for the rescue of a child they do not know.


We Americans are a compassionate people particularly if it’s just one child to be rescued. Of late, we haven’t been too good when it comes saving ten thousand children or even 1000 children if they are refugees trying to enter our country or are already living here. Those children who are already here illegally have to fight to stay here. That’s their tough luck. Too bad they all can’t fall into a well, one at a time.

They are not citizens. Send the mob back!



Could there be a terrorist among those non-citizen kids who want to stay here? Certainly, we know it’s a silly idea. Yet we allow a few loud mouth instigators to unsettle us with ideas of keeping America safe for we Americans. Well, maybe the kids aren’t going to shoot and bomb us but their parents might (if indeed they have parents here with them).  Of course the chances of that happening are less than being struck by lightening.

Danger from the sea?


Speaking of being struck by lightening, the chances of terrorists mingling with refugees escaping from their own terror are remote. Can the modern day INN be those American states that are refusing to accept refugee families for fear they might be harboring terrorists among them? What has become of our humanity?


She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.



Bob Flicker

Christmas Time 2015

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