Is this a loose screw world or just a screwy world




It happened again! There it was on the floor, a tiny screw. A few weeks ago another small screw lay on a counter, in another room, unconnected to anything. It seemed to be by itself, a world apart from any electronic device or anything requiring such a tiny screw. It happens every once in a while;  a loose screw turns up. Where did they come from? What important piece of equipment, perhaps dependent on that screw, was about to fail for lack of that small screw?


It may appear that my concerns seem trivial. However, I feel that impending problems are going to happen or have already happened                                because of those loose screws. I am not alone suffering from “the loose screw” syndrome.


Does the failure of a device indicate that it had lost a small but vital, small screw that had gone undetected? Did I, inadvertently, discard a small screw I found and thought to be of no purpose and in reality it turned out to be a vital connector to an electronic device I did not understand?


I’m a saver, a loose screw saver. I have a collection of loose screws waiting for my moments of discovery as to where they belong. It’s a fruitless wait.


I have had electronic devices that have had unexplained problems none of which I attributed to missing or loose screws that is until I found a loose screw in a small device that was not working properly. I tightened the screw and the problem was solved.


That got me thinking about the expressions describing persons who act in various  ways and their relationships to expressions involving the word screw. Check the following:


A confused person: SCREWED UP

A person cheated: SCREWED

A person acting strangely: SCREWY

Pity the poor, little screw. On second thought, pity the person who can’t find a place for that little loose screw.




Bob Flicker


 © robert 2014