The Duelist

Another of My Cartoonist’s Ghosts

 The Year

(Either 1953 or 1954)


Bob Flicker

July 2014


It was a little over sixty years ago that I scribbled this idea for a cartoon on a piece of scrap paper. My intent, as I recall, was to create cartoons without captions (wordless cartoons). Not an easy thing to do. The drawing(s) had to provide a setup and deliver a punch all at the same time.


The cartoon (below), THE DUELISTS, is one of the surviving, wordless ones in that manila envelope. There is one or two other that I will present at a future date. 


If I were creating this same cartoon today it would not be without words, as you shall see when you scroll down after viewing the original.



(1953 -1954)


July 2014

(Sixty Years Later)


I must apologize for the crudeness of the cartoons but they are ghosts after all and what can you expect from ghosts? They do however, with captions added, tell quite another story.


Bob Flicker


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