. Truth Could Be Hiding Anywhere

. One Must Be Willing To Search Wherever It Takes You

. Finding Our Own Truth May Be Unpleasant But Necessary

. Without Finding A Truth We Can Live With, We Cheat Ourselves

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             Before we begin our search for TRUTH, it is essential that to know what we are looking for. What does TRUTH look like, sound like, smell like, feel like and/or taste like? 


         Is the basis of TRUTH the Ten Commandments? Thou Shalt Not... (Unless). What about those who require Unless? Does winning a court battle to put the Ten Commandments on the front lawn of a public building constitute a victory for TRUTH? Perhaps the Ten Commandments aren’t the one and only truths. There may be those who would like to add UNLESS...after THOU SHALT NOT… where they feel it is needed.

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          There are approximately seven billion people on this planet, divided into groups large and small. Most groups have their own infallible truths and see all others as lies or ignorant misconceptions deserving to be proselytized or eliminated along with the false truth believers.





         Truth hides in the most unsuspecting, unpleasant places. When found, (like cod liver oil) can be hard to swallow. That is one of the reasons so many people tend to avoid it.  Lies, on the other hand, are often coated with sugar and easy to take.

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LIES Presented As Truths Work Best With Lazy Thinkers


         This presentation deals (briefly) with just two categories of “TRUTH,” religious and political, although they do tend to overlap.

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          Let’s start with religion. Not an easy subject when confronting seven billion people (assuming that was possible). Suppose—just suppose:

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         Catholic priests would all be women. No men allowed. The males would be nuns. The pope would be a married woman with many children. (AN IMAGINED TRUTH?)


         God did not permit Abraham (age 86) and Sarah to have a son Ishmael (who became the Muslim Prophet Ismail). (Still supposing)  God did not stop Abraham from sacrificing his son Issac. Instead of Jews and Arabs might we have, instead, JEWRABS as one people, living in peace? (AN IMAGINED TRUTH)

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What About Truth In Politics?



         To my way of thinking, there is one political cartoon from the 1870s describing the New York City, Tammany Hall political machine thats says it all. The caption reads:  “WHO STOLE THE PEOPLE’S MONEY?”   “T’WAS HIM”

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In The Final Analysis





Bob Flicker


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