He would really make America Great Again



Mickey Mouse Would Have Defeated Donald Trump Big Time


If Mickey Mouse had entered the presidential race he would have been sitting in the White House now. What makes you so sure you might ask? Just compare the two:




Donald Trump:     Arrived: June 14, 1946 (age 70 years)


Mickey Mouse:    Arrived: November 18, 1928 (age 88 years) via 



Physical Condition Comparison

 Donald Trump:      Blonder than ever. Chubby from over-eating. 

                               Age shows both physically and mentally.


Mickey Mouse:       Still youthful and in great shape, looks better 

                               than ever.


Donald Trump Sculptured



Mickey’s Father Was.... WALT DISNEY


Donald Trump:      Claims to be worth several billion dollars. 

                              Subtract debts and lawsuits. Zero? Only the 

                              Internal Revenue knows.


Mickey Mouse:     Doesn’t talk about wealth. He has had big 

                              earnings since 1928 (Watches, clothing, toys 

                              and much more). Disney loves him and so does 

                              most of the world.


Marriages and Female Involvements


Donald Trump:     Three marriages. Loved owning beauty 

                             contests and fondling the merchandise.


Mickey Mouse:     Companionship or secret marriage to 

                              Minnie Mouse?


Minnie Mouse As First Lady (Mouse) In The Whitehouse

Cheese would be on every dinner menu. No rats of any type  (particularly the political type) would be allowed!


Minnie Mouse The Whitehouse Hostess

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Loved Overseas

A public viewing in a European country.



President Mickey Mouse’s Government Appointments

President Trump’s high-level appointments in the first few weeks of his administration (or less) have been a mixed bag of good and bad (a lot of bad). What would a President Mickey Mouse have done?



He would have appointed Disney Super Heroes. America would truly be great again if it isn’t already.







Then, again, it seems to me that much of what President Trump has promised to the American people is pure fantasy. All he is truly in need of is Mickey Mouse and friends or — American citizen equivalents.  We have them; it’s just that President Trump doesn’t appoint them.




Bob Flicker

 April, 2017



Thank you Walt Disney (wherever you are).


 © robert 2014