The Four Women in my Life




Let me set the record straight from the very outset. I love women. A fact my wife knows and understands, particularly because I am not only trustworthy but of a trustworthy age (86 in October). It all began with Joyce; blonde, beautiful Joyce. We were engaged. Engaged to be married? No. There was an age problem. We were both five years old. That didn’t stop me from presenting her with a diamond ring that she accepted.


About that diamond ring, I got it as a prize in a Cracker Jack box. You have to hand it to those Cracker Jack people back in the good old days of 1933. They really knew how to give out great prizes, depression or no depression.

I can’t recall when or how it ended. I never did get my diamond ring back but that is the risk one takes when in love.


The second woman walked into my life when we were both fourteen years old. Well, she wasn’t exactly a woman, yet. I must confess, I wasn’t exactly a man, yet. Regardless of my age, I was smitten. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.


We were married when we were both nineteen (a very wise age). Our first son was born a year and a half later and our second son six years after that with a miscarriage in-between. Twenty years marched by and in the course of time we both discovered that nineteen year olds aren’t as worldly smart as they think they are. Our marriage was in trouble.


Skipping over the painful parts of separation and divorce, we were now older and wiser and as a result we both were happily remarried.


My third engagement ended in my second and most fulfilling marriage. We will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary this November at which time I will also celebrate the third, most important woman in my life.


Now, for that very special, fourth woman in my life: My first marriage produced two, great sons. My second marriage delivered up two more, great sons. At the age of forty-two my wife delivered our one and only wonderful daughter, the fourth woman in my life.

Let me repeat: I LOVE WOMEN. The cartoon below expresses my earliest feelings in that regard.

bob cartoon!




This is another cartoon ghost rescued from that old manila envelope by my daughter. I also want to note that I did not include my mother. She belongs in a very special, separate category that I will address at a later date.












It was my daughter who stated to me that I was in danger of becoming a male chauvinist and that I had better do something about it. Just in case you, like my daughter didn’t see it, I wrote the sketch: THE PIANO MOVERS or WOMEN AROUSED! way back in December 1986 that stated otherwise. (See ABSURDLY YOURS: THE PIANO MOVERS). Check it out. It’s fun.   click here


Bob Flicker


August 2014


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