My Aunt Nora


Her Near-Death Experience As Described To Me


(A Depiction)

 Finding herself happily floating to the light and music.


She was a simple woman who never heard the term, near-death experience when she described, what turned out to be, her own near-death experience to me.


I will describe her experience as she told it to me and you can make what you will from it.

A Hospital In Philadelphia


It must have been at least 30 years ago, perhaps longer. Nora Fox, my Aunt Nora, had undergone major surgery. The nature of that surgery I have no knowledge. All I do know is that following that surgery she went into a coma and could not be awakened. The medical opinion was that if she could not be awakened she would die. Her three sisters (of whom one was my mother) took turns at her bedside calling to her, trying to get her to open her eyes. Days went by with little success. Nora’s doctor(s) were convinced that she was going to die. Her sister’s didn’t give up. My aunt Rose was at her bedside, calling her name when she opened her eyes.


This was Aunt Nora’s story of her coma experience that she related to me several months later (I use quotes in order to come as close to her words as I can remember.):


“I found myself floating in a cold, dark space. In the distance I saw the light and then I heard the music and felt the warmth. The light was soft and welcoming. I never heard such beautiful music like that coming from within the light. I never felt so comfortably at peace with myself as I happily floated closer and closer to the light. Then I heard my name being called, faintly at first and then repeatedly louder.” Aunt Nora opened her eyes and saw her sister Rose by her bedside calling her name again and again.



And thus ended Aunt Nora’s near-death experience although she had no name for it at that time.


She died a number of years ago. We will never know if she did, indeed, enter into the near-death experience denied to her a few years earlier before passing on. I sincerely hope so.


Bob Flicker



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