FInding Immortality


Through My Children



All My Children and I

Josh, Lee, Barry, Dad, Jon and Lauren

Not pictured here are my six grandchildren ranging in age from six months to forty years and my two great grandchildren, Dorothy, almost two years old and Koa just months into this world. The age range of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren is, for me, mind-boggling and—most likely— more of everything to come.


I will be 87 in October that means, in my terms, I am approaching old age. There is not very much time left for my youngest grand and great grandchildren to know me and I them. A gift! Each and every one of them has given me a miraculous gift. Immortality. My life continues on through them. Perhaps it is not the immortality in the biblical sense but immortality in another sense and to me most comforting.


My wife, Margery and I

A fire in the fireplace with my wife by my side and lots of lighted candles on a cold winter’s night in the snow-covered mountains is, for me and my family, ideal for contemplation and serenity. It is another addition to those wonderful memories that all of us share and that live on and on with my family.



All that is meaningful to each of us in each of our lives is there for us to the very end and who knows what is forever after. I surround myself with my family and with them the fireplace and lighted candles, the blossom in our apple orchard, and the blue chairs set before our outdoor barbecue watched over by the sculpture of the three brothers myself, Ted and Marvin.



And then comes spring in the apple orchard


The sculpture of we three brothers, Bob, Ted and Marvin, looking on                                                                   


The blue chairs and the evening fires




I rejoice in all the years that have been allotted to me, blessed with my ever-growing family and with gratitude accept the time I have yet to receive. Complaining is a useless waste of precious time. The answer is to live life to the fullest


There is a lesson to be learned for anyone willing take the time to sit down by the wayside and evaluate a total life lived and shared. There will come a time when family members and friends gather together and someone will say, “Do you remember...?” And the laughter and/or tears will follow, leaving behind comfort and joy.

Bob Flicker








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