sīkōkəˈnēsis - sīkōˌkīˈnēsis


The supposed ability to move objects by mental effort alone





(Sort Of...)



A little over sixty years ago I trained to become a hypnotist. I graduated at the top of my class. In all modesty I must admit that I was good, very good. My wife and I, having married at a very young age, soon discovered that our marriage was in serious trouble. In my youthful exuberance I, foolishly, determined that our marital problems were due to my wife’s tenseness. I figured that if I learned to become a hypnotist I could hypnotize my wife in order to help her to relax resulting in our marriage being saved.


Unfortunately, my wife didn’t let me hypnotize her. As a result we both became tense and our marriage, after a few years, came to an end. However, I was left with a talent as a hypnotist. How was I to use it? I soon learned to profitably employ it as a sideline.


There was the woman with chronic back pain who hoped hypnosis would control her pain. There were people who wanted to stop smoking and hoped that hypnosis would help them to quit. Then, there was the mother who wanted me to hypnotize her teenage son, hoping he would stop biting his nails. There were the overweight men and women who wanted to be hypnotized to end their craving to overeat (an impossibility). A friend brought his girlfriend, a young, professional singer who needed help delivering songs. And there were so many more.


Hypnosis, as a side business, was getting out of hand. However, I was often asked by friends (as a favor) to perform hypnosis at their parties and social events. It is at these events that I discovered my talent for psychokinesis. I demonstrated an ability to move objects through the air by will alone (or so it seemed to some people). What was I really doing to make a vase or a book or some other object float across a room?


It was a simple hypnotic trick. I would hypnotize one person or several people (subjects) at the same time in a room filled with people. Once my subjects were in deep hypnosis I would say to them “When I claps my hands you will open your eyes but will still be in deep hypnosis. When you open your eyes you will see that everyone has left the room except for you and me. We will be alone in the room.” I then arrange to have one in the audience, at my signal, bring an object such as a vase from across the room to me. I then clap my hands and my subjects would open their eyes. Since they were told in their hypnotic state that we were alone in the room they see no one except me the hypnotist. I then signal a person to bring the vase to me.


My hypnotized subjects are amazed to see the vase floating to me but do not see the person carrying the vase since, in their hypnotic state, they believe we were alone in the room. What they see is the vase floating in the air as it comes to me. They are amazed.


There it is, an allusion of psychokinesis. I “willed” an object to float to me.


Why Do I Write About Psychokinesis?

It begins with hypnosis. If a person does not want to be hypnotized he or she will not, as a rule, be hypnotized (there are exceptions). On the other hand, those willing to experience hypnosis can, often, be hypnotized quite easily.


I now turn to politics and the willing. Hypnosis, in politics, takes on a new form but it is hypnosis just the same. Often it becomes mass hypnosis. A gathering, of any size, filled with avid supporters of a leader with an hypnotic personality can be hypnotized into believing the unbelievable.


When Ordinary People Become Subjects

 The objects that this master hypnotist floats in the air are not vases or coffee cup but images that are real in the minds of the hypnotist’s hypnotized followers. Take a swamp for an example:


The Example: Giving Swamps a Bad Name.

 Some of America’s greatest assets are its swamps such as the huge Okefenokee Swamp located in southern Georgia and northern Florida. It was designated as world heritage sight in 1974. Good people live and work in and around the swamp. Tourists flock to see it. Why drain it?



It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. How much are two pictures worth? The hypnotist “floats” the two pictures into the air and his or her hypnotized followers shout their support, not quite sure of what they are seeing or supporting.



What does the mass hypnotist look for? (Answer) ANGER!  The greater the anger among a large group of people the easier it is to channel that anger through hypnosis. That is where psychokinesis comes into play.


Fear of the imagined “oppressors” and their policies are floated in the air with images of the terrible things they do and what they intend to do. “Picture this!” the hypnotist shouts out to his followers and the followers see, in their minds, hateful images floating in the air.


“I will save you and show you the way to salvation and greatness!” shouts the master hypnotist. And the hypnotized crowd shouts their approval, raising their arms in saluting support.                    


Loyal followers. Hypnotized?


Most are good people with legitimate reasons to be angry. Confusion is their enemy but for the master hypnotist it is opportunity.


Emerging From “Under the Rocks”

The hypnotist provides the pathway. The honest, ordinary people supporting the master hypnotist with his ability to perform psychokinesis provide the path for the most hateful people, with their poisonous ideologies, to emerge.

Which ones are the good guys? (Just kidding.)


Who Are the Willing?

They rarely wear white hoods these days. They carry torches instead and shout out racist slogans. Physical violence is part of their culture. Who encouraged them to come out from hiding? You guessed it. Again, it was the mass hypnotist wielding his illusionary psychokinesis (not that it was needed here).


Enter the willing! Led by their hypnotic leader who offers up the triumphs of  his will to his adoring followers. Through psychokinesis the hypnotic leader leads his (her) followers to see and believe in the triumph of the willing.



Bob Flicker


 © robert 2014