Bob Flicker’s Revenge





                                    Bob Flicker         played by                Bob Flicker

Attendant             played by                Bob Flicker

                                  Robo Caller           played by               Bob Flicker   

                                   Old Person           played by               Bob Flicker


            Are you a robo call target? Do you rush to answer your phone only to receive an intrusive recorded message like CONGRATULATIONS! Now, I have never waited to hear why I was being congratulated but I suspect somebody out there would like to congratulate me out of my money.


         There is another recorded message that leaves me really annoyed and, I must admit, a little curious. The phone rings and after I say hello a recorded voice of an “old” man greets me with “Hello seniors.” That’s it! I hang up. I am left to wonder how do they know I am a senior or do they just take their chances? I never do find out what he or they want, nor do I care.   


         Of course, I consider a robo call an invasion of my privacy and, I might add, yours as well. Therefore I do not hesitate to have a little fun with “live” robo callers who, in most cases are male and are looking to get money for some phony cause. Best of all, when I’m through with them they never call back. I’m working on my revenge package for the robo-recorded-crowd.


The following is one example of how I have dealt with one of these “live” slicksters (my word).


(Press here for audio)


Phone rings


Bob Flicker           Hello


Robo Caller           Mr. Flicker?


BF                          Who’s calling?


Robo Caller           Are you Mr. Flicker?


BF                          Who’s calling?



Robo Caller           I represent the Special Eskimo Police, their widows and                             

                              orphans. Are you Mr. Flicker?



Now, I know this guy is about to try and con me into sending him money for a phony cause. Here is where I get even and have some fun at his expense.


BF                       No, I’m not Mr. Flicker I’m his attendant. I’ll wheel him                                     

                            over to the phone.


BF (old person)     (Quivering voice) Hello.


Robo Caller           Mr. Flicker?


BF (old person)     (Quivering voice) Hello?


Robo Caller           Are you Mr. Flicker?


BF (old person)     Hello Mr. Flicker.


Robo Caller           I’m not Mr. Flicker! Your attendant said you’re Mr.                                  



BF (old person)     He did? I guess I am.


Robo Caller           Mr. Flicker I want to present—(Interrupting)


BF (old person)     You’re the president?


Robo Caller           No. No. I’m—(Interrupting)


BF (old person)     Hello, Mr. O’Bamma. I didn’t vote for you. I voted for                               

                              the other fella.


Robo Caller           (Exasperation) Look—Mr. Flicker—


BF (old person)     Look at what?


Robo Caller           (Shouting) I don’t want you to look at anything!


BF (old person)     Good. My eyesight is not so good.


Robo Caller           How’s your hearing?


BF (old person)     What?


CLICK... He hangs up


Bob Flicker           He hung up. I guess we wont here from him again.


BF (old person)     I suppose that’s the end.



BF                       It is The End


 © robert 2014