Dealing With The Unexpected



Bob Flicker



You are a reasonably healthy female or male of any age and are easily distracted by almost anything other than what you are currently doing. Take driving as an example. You have been warned many times not to make conversational eye contact with your passenger(s) while you are driving. Of course, you know better. The accident wasn’t your fault. Besides, no one was hurt. Of course, if you drive off of a cliff—



Odds of your being struck by lightning are 1 in 700,00 in any one year

The Odds Are In Your Favor


So why not stand under a tree for shelter during a thunderstorm? Somebody is going to get killed or seriously injured by a lightning strike attracted by the tree but the odds are in your favor. Standing under a tree does decrease the odds slightly but it’s better than being soaked.


Tell that to the losers.








Getting Serious


We usually think of strokes and heart attacks happening to older people (over 45 years of age). Unfortunately, the under 45-age-group are not exempt.


A great many people are crippled or die as a result of strokes and heart attacks, ignoring the warning signs. It doesn’t have to be you.


Know the warning signs. Then—ACT!


Pay Attention. Ignore At Your Peril!





Firing Back!


Getting fired is traumatic no question about it.










Who is going to hire a 40-year-old layed-off ex coal miner who knows nothing else? The answer is...NOBODY! Who’s going to hire an unemployed, 40 plus male or female lacking in any training other than selling stuff from behind a counter? It’s the same answer...NOBODY!


What to do?


I know, you have tried everything without finding a job.


Be creative!


“What in-hell does that mean?” you might ask.


“It all began in the mailroom.” replied the film’s director.

Of course if you are over 20 you are not going to get a mailroom job or its equivalent. However, there may be bottom-rung jobs that could offer you the chance to climb up the ladder to a better job within a company even if you are over forty. You have to search them out. Who knows where it may lead?





Do you think of yourself as being accident-prone? A klutz. You can’t walk across a room without tripping or bumping into something. You and the hospital emergency room are on a first-name relationship. You think of yourself as fated to, sooner-or-later, have accidents and there is nothing—you feel—you can do about it.

There is a way out! Read on.





Think of that room crossing as a challenge. Concentrate on reaching the other side without bumping into anything or slipping on a throw rug. You can do it!

Congratulations! You did it! Now, that might bring you to the kitchen. Here you have to be extra careful. Planning is essential. Remember, you cannot take your mind off of your immediate activity. No daydreaming! The knives, the boiling kettle, that bottle of “stuff” you placed on a high shelf (just out of reach) and a number of other kitchen booby traps are waiting for you to lose focus. So, don’t!


You Can Do It!


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