They See Us “Naked” and Get Rich


Welcome to the other electronic world. This is what it’s all about, seeing us “naked”. Don’t be shocked. Most of us know it but don’t think of it that way. Naked? Yup! It’s true. They strip us of our privacy and get rich. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourselves.


 The old fashioned way of spying.


Maybe you don’t care. That’s your privilege. Perhaps, you feel that your privacy doesn’t matter. For most of us it does. It’s nobody’s business but our own and those we choose to share private information about ourselves no matter if it may seem to you to be unimportant.


On the surface the information that we share with family and friends about the simplest things such as our religious views, favorite foods, the entertainment we like, the type of clothing we buy, our political preferences, how we vote, the doctors we see, the medications we take are added to their electronic score card about us and are used to make big profits for the Collectors.


Who are the Collectors?

Why are they collecting information about us?

What do the collectors do with the information they collect from us? They sort it according to the various headings such as religious, political, medical, breakfast items, clothing purchased, and the list goes on and on. Then they bundle the information they gathered from us and combine it with information collected from millions of others. The information gathered is used both politically and commercially for their gain.


Electronic spying and gathering information.


Collectors? Who are the collectors? Simply put, they are businesses, groups, political parties and governments (ours and theirs) especially hackers. What do they want? Simple. They use the gathered information in an attempt to influence us for themselves and for others who pay them for desired information they have gathered about us, stripping us, in a manner of speaking, naked.


Where do they get their information?


The collectors, are watching us without our knowledge. Their favorite hunting grounds are the various social media we use such as Facebook,

Google, twitter and others too numerous to mention. You know who they are.


Did I mention the crooks that steal our credit card information. They too are collectors for their own crooked enrichment.




                If you don’t know it’s in your interest to find out.


Foreign Invasion, The New Way


Who needs armies? Oh the militaries have their place. It’s the fanatical guerilla fighters, men and women without uniforms, who are the greatest, active, danger in this world of ours. Nobody is launching atomic tipped missiles! They drive trucks into crowds of civilians, all over the world.




When they fake fake news


They once called it science fiction. We are not their robots to program and manipulate to use for their own enrichment and political gains! To deny it is to fool ourselves.


What Can We Do About It?


If we continue to use social media to communicate with each other, they will continue to use us. There is very little we can do except write letters. It’s the old fashioned way of staying in touch. You know that’s not going to happen.


I guess that if we wish to retain our privacy we have to take a tip from American Indians and learn to send smoke signals, unless we can come up with something better.


the end (for now)

 © robert 2014