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Sepher (book) Yetzirah (creation): Book of Creation

KABBALAH: Good and Evil


A. Begin with Jed Zirrah

  1.  Space battle between forces of Good and Evil 

    2.  Defeat of the forces of Good 

    3.  Jed Zirrah, lone survivor of his battered ship, escapes in a lifeship  (1)

B.  Sucked through the black hole by a magical whirlwind 

    1.  Jed Zirrah finds himself among the beleaguered WIZARDS & 


    2.  He is brought before the Grand Wizard, ALTRO-LINTHIAN 

            a.  Present are his son, DIVAR-LINTHIAN and his daughter, DEVARTHA 

    3.  ALTRO-LINTHIAN explains to JED ZIRRAH: 

            a.  The black hole 

            b.  The UNIVERSE of MAGICIANS (2) 

            c.  The FIRST and SECOND WARS 

            d.  The creation of the GREAT ORB  

            e.  The stealing of the GREAT ORB by DrazZorra (3) 

            f.  The second war and the near defeat of the Wizards and 


    4.  During their talk, there is another attack by the Magicians of Evil 

            a.  Jed is protected by DIVAR-LINTHIAN and DEVARTHA 

            b.  The attack is beaten back


    1.  ALTRO-LINTHIAN tells JED that the GREAT ORB must be recovered 

         if The Wizards and Wandrexes are to defeat the MAGICIANS of 

         EVIL  (4)

    2.  Story of the GREAT ORB: flashback 

            a.  Begin with OGDA-LINTHIAN and the creation of the GREAT 

                 ORB  (5)


    1.  Volunteers fail to recover the GREAT ORB beneath the PLANET of 

          FIRE (6) 

E.  Recovery of the GREAT ORB and victory. 

F. Further adventures of JED ZIRRAH

G. DrazZorra returns with a vengeance


(1) JED ZIRRAH's lifeship.

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(2)  The Universe of Magicians

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(3) DrazZorra's great beauty is magically transformed to one of unmatched ugliness by the dying Grand Wizard, punishing her as she steals the GREAT ORB. She hides her hideous face behind a gold mask of a beautiful woman.


evil magician by zleepless-d4qcmei

(5) The GREAT ORB turning blood red as a warning.

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           There are  black holes in space that, some believe to be,  tunnels that connect the universe of humans with other universes of great and mysterious magnitudes. This is the story of one such universe located in a space-time-space warp and connected by a blackhole tunnel, millions of light years in length and inhabited by beings of awesome and frightening powers.


            The beings that inhabit this other universe came to be known to humans as Wizards and Wandrexes, Witches and Warlocks, Sorcerers and Sorceresses. The awesome and frightening powers they possess are referred to by humans as MAGIC.


            This story concerns itself with two wars and, in particular, the second war. In the second war, as it was in the first, the singular powers of LIGHT are pitted against the combined powers of DARKNESS; the magic of GOOD against the magic of EVIL!


            In the beginning, the Universe of the Magicians—within the space-time-space warp—was divided into three equal parts. Each part contained a world that was inhabited and ruled by different kinds of magicians who practiced different but equal kinds of powerful magic. For millions upon millions of human years these magicians lived—each in their own part of their universe –in peace and harmony.


            There came a time when great upheavals took place in all of the universes. Massive stars and suns exploded in great balls of fire and flashes of light. At the same time, other gigantean stars imploded and disappeared, leaving black holes in space that formed connecting tunnels between the universes. Such a tunnel was created between the Universe of the Magicians and The Universe of The Humans. And—from that time, ominous changes began to take place, both, within the Universe of The Magicians and the Universe of The Humans.


            The Magicians—with their great magical powers—traveled from their universe, through the black hole tunnel, into the new universe where they discovered the humans.Thus, began the introduction of the magic of darkness into the worlds of the humans. This was, to forever, affect the Magicians, their relation with each other and with the humans.  


            At first, it was the Witches and Warlocks who visited with the humans. They came from a universe where their powerful magic was balanced by the equal powers of the Wizards and Wandrexes (A name I created for female wizards [Wandrex-singular]) and the Sorcerers and Sorceresses—but—in the worlds of the humans, they found themselves to be all-powerful. There were, among the humans, those that came to worship the dark powers of the Witches and Warlocks and there arose a new force within their worlds…the force of EVIL!


            The Sorcerers and Sorceresses soon followed and they attracted to themselves those humans that worshipped narcissism, greed, jealousy and hate.

            The Wizards and Wandrexes watched all of these happenings from their own world, beyond the space-time-warp, and refused to interfere in the lives of those helpless humans from that other universe.  At the sametime, they condemned this interference by the Magicians of Darkness in the lives of the humans. The Supreme Wizardry sent emissaries to the worlds of the other Magicians to protest this interference but they were paid no heed.


            The Wizards and Wandrexes were very troubled by what they saw happening. Those humans who were unselfish and loving were at the mercy of those humans that were being helped by the Magicians of Darkness. Where there was peace, harmony and goodwill among the humans before the coming of the forces of dark magic, there was now hatred and war. The Wizards and Wandrexes decided that they had no choice but to come to the aid of the good humans. And so, it came to pass that the Magicians of Light saved the good humans from destruction by the evil humans who were supported by the Magicians of Darkness.


            For thousands of human years, the forces of good and evil magic faced each other through the humans. The good magicians helped and guided while the evil Magicians controlled and directed.


            A strange happening began to take place within the Universe of The Magicians. The forces of good magic, the Wizards and Wandrexes, grew—slowly but steadily—stronger than the forces of evil magic.


            The Witches and Warlocks as well as the Sorcerers and Sorceresses became jealous of the growing power of the Wizards and Wandrexes and joined in an alliance of darkness and evil to destroy them. The First Witch, GlikDakka—the leader of the Witches and Warlocks—and her husband, the Warlock, RahgZzorgg, met with the High Sorcerer, Oba/Sorraland and his wife, the High Sorceress, Oh’Fa and made plans to launch a mighty, surprise attack upon their unsuspecting enemies—the Wizards and Wandrexes.


            The combined forces of evil magic were so fearsome and overwhelming that forces of good magic were driven into a small corner of their world where only their great magic and wisdom was at last, able to hold off their attackers and prevent total annihilation.


            The war raged on for one hundred and twenty human years and the beleaguered Wizards and Wandrexes barely manage to hold out. There rose among the besieged Magicians of light a young Wizard, of only one thousand, three hundred human years, by the name of Ogda-Linthian. His father, Donro-Linthian, a Wizard of powerful magic and great bravery had been wiped away in one of the fearsome battles fought against the forces of evil. His mother, the Wandrex Jodathy, had been the wisest of all the Wandrexes and she too perished in battle.


            Ogda-Linthian had inherited the wondrous skills in magic from his father and the great wisdom of his mother. He realized, as did all the other Wizards and Wandrexes, that their skills in magic would not continue to hold back the combined forces of the Magicians of Darkness much longer. In his infinite wisdom, Ogda-Linthian devised a plan that he felt would turn the tide of the war in favor of the Magicians of Light. He appeared before the Supreme Wizardry, a council made up of the oldest and wisest Wizards and Wandrexes, and told of his plan. He proposes that each Wizard and Wandrex give up a portion of their magical powers and have these combined magical powers placed within a GREAT ORB. He, further suggested that a Wizard or a Wandrex be selected from among them to be elevated to Grand Wizard or Grand Wandrex and he or she, with all of the support of the Magicians of Light, would direct the overwhelming powers of the Great Orb against the forces of evil magic. 


            At first, the members of the Supreme Wizardry were reluctant to part with any of their magical powers for they felt they needed all of their magical energies to fight off their enemies. Ogda-Linthian explained that only through the unity of their magical powers could they hope to gain victory. After listening and deliberating they were convinced. And so, each and every Wizard and Wandrex gave up a portion of their magical powers and these unified energies of light and goodness were placed, forever, within a great orb. The Supreme Wizardry recognized that Ogda-Linthian possessed superior wisdom and elected him to be the Grand Wizard. 


            When the Great Orb was, at last ready, the Grand Wizard, Ogda-Linthian, began his first counter-attack against the Magicians of Evil. A mighty battle was fought on the Plains of Sppynton and, there a great victory was won. Within two human years the forces of good magic, under the leadership of the Grand Wizard Ogda-Linthian—using the great powers of the Great Orb—had defeated the combined forces of Witches and Warlocks and Sorcerers andSorceresses. And—they sued for peace. Under the conditions of the peace treaty the magicians of darkness were compelled to stay, each in their own worlds, forbidden to ever again travel through the black hole tunnel to the worlds of the humans. Without the infection of evil from the Magicians of Darkness, a golden age of peace and goodwill descended Upon the Universe of The Humans that lasted ten thousand years.


            From the time of their final victory until the time of this story, ten thousand years have passed and the Wizards and Wandrexes, under the leadership of a successionof Grand Wizards and Grand Wandrexes—descendants of Ogda-Linthian—have guided the Universe of the Magicians in peace and tranquility.



(To be continued)


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