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A Guide To Understanding The President’s Misunderstanding Of Our Democracy


That doesn’t mean he may or may not be mentally and emotionally balanced. Trump’s rationality and no-nothing vanity, it appears, are bound together. In his case rationality and no-nothing vanity are zero sum issues. As his puffery rises his rationality appears to sink. As of this writing his no-nothing vanity is on a rapid rise and America’s people and allies grow fearful of what lies ahead.


The Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus will come to an end forever in May of this Year. Its closing brings to mind a comparison between P. T. Barnum and Donald Trump.


Phineas Taylor “P. T. Barnum (1810 – 1891) was an American politician, showman, and business man (sound familiar) remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes and for founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus. He was quoted as saying, “A sucker is born every minute!” Donald Trump has improved upon that Barnum quote. I’d like to remind him, in case he has forgotten, that Americans may become confused at times by his outrageous promises but Mr. Trump, we (most of us) are not suckers. (In part from Wikipedia.)



Let us not blame The Donald for all those outrageous, executive orders and misguided appointments so early in his role as president. These next four, Donald Trump years will be a vital test of the American people and our democracy. It makes no difference whether you voted for him or Hillary Clinton, America needs all of us. Our country will survive and be stronger despite four years of a Trump misguided presidency, if he lasts that long.

I believe it’s possible; Trump has a shrewd plan in behaving like a vanity-driven, bigoted, no-nothing. He is sending out a bogus message to all those creeps and creeplets to come out from under the rocks they have been hiding. Once those neo-Nazis, racist, anti Muslim miscreants show themselves Trump will act. What action will he take? It appears that he  has a shrewd plan. Give them highest-level government jobs so he can keep an eye on them.


The Anti-Muslim Campaign 

(From The Wall Street Journal, January 30, 2017)



Trump’s Refugee Bonfire


President Trump seems determined to conduct a shock and awe campaign to fulfill his campaign promises as quickly as possible, while dealing with the consequences later. This may work for a pipeline approval, but the bonfire over his executive order on (Muslim)* refugees shows that the government by deliberate disruption can blow up in damaging ways for America.



What can it be? Is it that Trump snot a caring person? Is it that Trump snot above trading adulation for caring?


I quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. who quoted a line from the 1947 report issued by the President’s Committee on Civil Rights, established by Harry Truman: “The United States is not so strong, the final triumph of that democratic ideal not so inevitable that we can ignore what the world thinks of us or our record.” (From an article in the, July 16, issue of The New Yorker by Jelani Cobb)


While the quote referred to civil rights it also applies to other actions taken by President Donald Trump that alienates the United States from both our friends and not so friendly powers around the globe. Democratic ideals are being threatened by the actions of this administration. The nations of the world, friend and foe, are neither stupid nor suckers.

Did President Trump ever hear of the S.S. St. Louis, The death ship? Probably not.


SS St Louis: The ship of Jewish refugees nobody wanted

By Mike LanchinBBC World Service

·     13 May 2014

 m       Gerald Granston (right) the other child unknown on the deck of the St Louis

On 13 May 1939, more than 900 Jews fled Germany aboard a luxury cruise liner, the SS St Louis. They hoped to reach Cuba and then travel to the US - but were turned away in Havana as well as the (United States and Canada)* and forced to return to Europe, where more than 250 were killed by the Nazis.



How about the thousands of Muslim families that President Trump is turning away (Many to die)? The likelihood they are harboring terrorists is virtually nil. This is the SS St Louis all over again multiplied by the thousands. This time it’s not Nazis but Islamic terrorists.




Which one is the terrorist Mr. President?


* My addition


Bob Flicker

January/February 2017

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