Ghosts in my Bookshelves









            They were there all of the time. I put them there and forgot about them after I was seduced digitally. I pass by them everyday but who can see ghosts when one stops believing or caring?

            I knew and cared for them before they became phantoms. They all shared a common name, books. How passé! They were there, unread (many of them), with a promise to myself that I would have them waiting for me to be read and be reread during those delightful moments of quiet, leisure time.

            It measured five inches by seven inches in its case and opened like a book, revealing a screen measuring 3 ½” x less than five inches. That is all it was. That is all it took to turn my books into invisible ghosts on my bookshelves. I have really great bookshelves. However, all it took was a 5x7 device to turn my great bookshelves into storage units used (aside from storing books) for holding framed pictures, sculptures, fancy vases and bowls and sundry other things.

            Of course, if there is fault to assign it should be deposited at my feet. This is strictly mea culpa. Where and what is the fault? It was my fault for turning my books into ghosts. I made the discovery last night just before dinner     . I found myself scanning the titles of my books. Lo and behold I could see books where there had been ghosts. These were the books I had set aside to read and never read except for a few.

            One title caught my attention. I had gotten it a few years back and always meant to read it and never did. I pulled it out and felt something I hadn’t felt since I became digitalized a long time ago. While I am not religious by any sense of the definition (God and I have been at odds for many years.) I am intrigued and fascinated by religion; all religions. This brings me to the book I took from the shelf titled: Misquoting Jesus (The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why) by Bart D. Ehrman. What a wonderful rediscovery to a looked forward read ((Already begun)! I will be talking about it in coming weeks.

            My estrangement from books is over! Oh, I’m not abandoning my digital device. There is a place for both. However, I rediscovered that I have shelves of books, fiction and nonfiction, to be read and enjoyed. I must admit that there is something very gratifying in holding and reading a real book.

 Bob Flicker



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