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Photo by Bob Flicker

I stood at my window, camera in hand, and thought of my family, warm and safe. My thoughts turned to all those less fortunate families who viewed the cold of winter with dread as they shivered in their unheated homes leaving me with a sense of helplessness.


         How prepared are we for those days yet to come? The question is both personal and general. The personal part concerns my family. The general part concerns all of us. I’m not talking about just the narrow subject of the weather. A visit to the American Museum of Natural History and, in particular, the dinosaur exhibits are stark reminders that the weather (including an occasional asteroid) can be truly frightful, bringing with it dire consequences.


         I find that by virtue of the fact I have lived a relatively long life I have emerged as patriarch of my family, a very responsible position to hold. It means, for one thing, that I must confer with my brother Marvin about some family matters since he is patriarch of his branch of the family. And what do we confer about? Since he is in Los Angeles and I am in New York City, a frequently discussed subject is the weather and personal health of our family members as well as matters concerning the entire country that lies between us. We think and talk about all of us in all seasons of the year.


Lauren and Jon could be viewing the changing of the seasons in color



July 20, 2015


         Chances are it will be in the high 80s and 90s where you live. It seems like the days are getting hotter than years past. We appear to be in a period of extreme weather patterns throughout the entire country (and the world). Just add ER to the end of the following weather descriptions and that will just about describe what is happening. It’s getting: HOTT(er), COLD(er), WET(er), DRY(er).


         Before I go any further, this is not a report on changing weather patterns throughout these United States. I am writing about my five children, six grandchildren, two great grandchildren and any more that may come along. I am writing about my entire extended family and how they work out their lives four seasons a year, in all the changing weather conditions.


Jon and Josh almost 40 years ago (no weather cell snow)


         My realistic view is four generations into the future; a future few of us are in a position to predict or change. All I can deal with is the NOW using whatever knowledge and experiences I have gained from the past.


         What knowledge can I give to members of my family that can make their lives better, safer and happier? 86 years of life does not automatically confer wisdom. October takes me to 87. Is wisdom waiting until that happening? Not likely. All we can do is the best we can with what we have.


         Perhaps my grandson, Jai, had the right idea when he reached for a rainbow with Barry and Lauren bearing witness. He appears to have caught it. Could it be that the storied pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is really wisdom? It’s possible. Jai has become very intelligent with lots of smarts.

                                          Snagging A Rainbow

(Note the second rainbow. It could be yours.)


         The picture below represents what I call my starter group (my five children) and skips to a magnificent symbol of our family of the future (my great granddaughter Dorothy. Not pictured (yet) is my great grandson Koa.


         The family I was part of creating will continue on into the future, growing and prospering, season after season, year after year of that I have little doubt.  

My four sons: Josh, Barry (holding the baby), Jon and Lee… My daughter Lauren… My great granddaughter Dorothy…and Myself


And there is more to come. There are my six grandchildren, (so far, not pictured).  Stay tuned!


Bob Flicker

July 2015


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