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If you are—you are getting... 


         Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term...                          Assumer-Consumer means that you believe all those outrageous sales claims being made to you. You buy into them and end up getting screwed

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Who Makes Those Sales Claims?


         It’s the SLAMMER-SCAMMERS!  They include the ordinary hustlers and the big bankers who are guilty as hell but only pay huge fines (often billions) they can easily afford without pleading guilty after bilking you the public.


Who Pays The Price?


You do!

 Note This


         Those few people who admit to breaking the law after screwing YOU the ordinary person and do go to jail, always seem to apologize, after being caught and punished. It’s fun, games and big profits before. Some even claim to have discovered God. (Give me a break!)


         And Note This....The term, sucker, is an idea that comes from the so-called “Sucker Dictionary” originally conceived by P. T. Barnum who created the phrase There’s One Born Every Minute! (Referring to people he referred to as suckers.) Translation: There are people out there who will assume anything you tell or show them to be true and will spend their hard-earned money to see or buy the results of the sales pitch no matter how outlandish or irrational, it may be. The end results, they get screwed. I hope it isn’t you?


         This is no time to become defensive or insulted. If you are not familiar with the term, assumer-consumer, I will not only explain but also provide a simple test that will help you to determine for yourself if you are one and what the consequences for you are if you test positive, unless you change your ways.

Assumer-Consumer Test Questionnaire 

1.      Have you ever.... gone into a shoe store and had a salesperson convince you that he or she knows everything about shoe  style and fit and you know, absolutely nothing. With your self-confidence in shreds you let the expert sales person push you into to buying the color, style and size shoe he or she recommends (probably more than you wanted to spend). After all, you assume your salesperson is the expert. You are just an assumer-consumer!




         When you got your shoes home you found that you hated the        color, the style and... the shoes were the wrong size and not worth the higher price. Only then did you realize that the sales slip indicated that the shoe store had a no return policy.  You were screwed!

         Your salesperson was the bosses son or daughter who just started working in the store after failing as a garbage  collector. You know more about garbage (let alone shoes) then that person did.


       Is that you? Yes__   No__


2.      Have you ever....bought something that is advertised as 50%        off without knowing what it originally sold for? Worse, you didn’t even need it.


         Is that you? Yes__  No__


3.      Have you ever.... bought into a weight loss program you saw        advertised on television because it was being pitched by a   washed-up celebrity who claimed he or she lost 50 pounds by eating and drinking as much as they desired? All they had to do was drink one little can of HOGWASH  everyday for 30 days. It could do the same for you for the bargain price, equal to only six   months of   your income.


         Is that you? Yes__  No__


4.      Have you ever.... gotten stuck with a restaurant check, after         assuming the other person let you think he or she was   treating you or, at least, was paying their share? has happened more than once? Their method is to get up and go to the bathroom just before the check arrives, leaving you to pay the bill.


          Is that you?         Yes__  No__


5.      Have you ever.... bought something, particularly an     expensive   something, because it came with a Lifetime Guarantee? Then, discovered that the lifetime in the guarantee was for somebody else that was already dead?


         Is that you? Yes__  No__


6.      Have you ever.... been talked into taking on a mortgage you         couldn’t afford—and you knew it—and had your house         repossessed? (People should have gone to jail....but they didn’t. They paid their affordable fines and went on vacation.


         Is that you? Yes__  No--


7.      Have you ever.... bought an automobile (particularly a used          car) and got a lemon instead? You liked what it looked like on the outside but didn’t check the “inside”?


         Is that you? Yes__  No__


8.      Have you ever.... answered your telephone and the voice    said... “CONGRATULATIONS!”? Instead of hanging up you stayed on the phone and bought the garbage they were selling?


         Is that you? Yes__  No__


9.      Have you ever.... bought an insurance policy from some      door-to-door salesperson only to discover that the insurance   company was a sham? All you ever collected, after having an accident, were bills and headaches?


         Is that you? Yes__  No__


10.    Did you ever....get the surefire investment pitch from some   fast-talking, so-called, investment pitch person who  guaranteed you fantastic returns if you were to invest in his  surefire scheme? did! got SCREWED!


         Is that you? Yes__  No__


         If you answered yes to just one of the questions you are an assumer-consumer. If you haven’t learned from your past  assumer-consumer mistakes, the axiom, its better late than never, applies to you? Do it and save yourself from further grief.


Bob Flicker


 © robert 2014