Have A Nice Day!

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Its Sinister Meaning 

The Hidden Message Celebrating The Devil

         Now, at last, it must be revealed regardless of my personal risk! Look at the first letter of each word in Have A Nice Day:   H-A-N-D.  Those initials actually stand for: Hail Almighty Noble Devil. In other words:  Devil Worship!

    They say have a nice day everywhere. Make a purchase and the cashier says it to you. Say goodbye to someone and they say it. It has become the substitute for goodbye. On the surface it sounds like a warm, friendly parting. But—it isn’t! It’s the DEVIL’S Spell, spread by the Devil’s Dupes.

         There is more! The Devil’s Dupes are also using have a great day and have a good day. Again, the Devil’s Code is the first letter of each word H-A-G-D (Hail Almighty Godless Devil).


         Stop to think about it. Why say have a nice day or have a good day or have a great day when there are so many more meaningful, parting wishes such as: Walk in the paths of righteousness or Be of good spirit and health or May the Force be with you. The list of heartfelt, parting wishes is endless. And for a very special parting try: May the dung heap of your despair fertilize your hopes and dreams.  It will bring on tears.


         So, how did Have a nice day—Have a great day—Have a good day take over? It’s the Devil’s work! He has tricked, bribed and seduced countless, innocent people into becoming his dupes. The next time someone says to you, have a nice day or have a great day or have a good day notice his or her eyes. If there is a glassy stare or they are wearing dark glasses indoors, you can suspect they have been claimed by the devil. How can you prevent the devil from laying claim to you? Don’t wait! There is not a moment to lose! Follow these instructions:


         Prepare and wear a necklace of gluten-free, al dente pasta. No sauce! Gluten will render your necklace ineffective. Bucatini is recommended and has proven to be most effective in warding off the Devil’s attempt to claim a victim




         There is one more thing you must do to avoid becoming a devil’s dupe. TAKE NOTE! This is important! The bucatini necklace will not work unless you also have a vase filled with uncooked, organic kale in your home. Always carry a sprig with you holding it up before the Devil should he appear before you. He will back away.


Watch this space for any further information that may come to my attention regarding Have A Great Day, Have A Good Day and  the Devil’s (H-A-N-D)...HAVE A NICE DAY.




Bob Flicker



 © robert 2014