.KNOW WHY you are having pain (This is important)

     .KNOW HOW you can reduce or eliminate that pain (Your choice)


Reduce or Eliminate Your Pain



(Assuming you have one)

         What I am about to suggest next may upset some of you. I call this, visiting your X rated  fantasy world. Of course not everybody has an X rated fantasy world and that’s too bad. Remember, you don’t get in trouble for imagining, only for acting out or vocalizing. If you can enter this world without being burdened with guilt, your low voltage pain will ease or even melt away during your visit. Even more intense pain can be eased. Much will depend upon how good an imagination you have.


         George Bernard Shaw was supposed to have said (and I paraphrase): If you want attention be outrageous. While I in no way attempt to compare myself with George Bernard Shaw I have borrowed from him with my own statement: “If you want to distract yourself from your pain think ( not act) outrageously; the more outrageous it seems to you the better.


     (Another approach): When I Build Igloos


     I travel everywhere and do everything in my imagination, particularly when I am in pursuit of pain relief. There is nothing like mentally building an igloo if you want to take your mind off of your low-level pain. I consider myself an expert, fantasy igloo builder. During the imagined building of my igloos I have affectively reduced or overlooked various levels of painful episodes. You can too. What you need, along with your igloo is a story line. I have provided one although you should feel free to create your own.




         Here is your scenario: You are a bush pilot. You have landed your damaged plane on an isolated, snow-covered plain in the far north of Alaska. The weather report has alerted you to a massive snowstorm moving your way. Temperatures are predicted to be in the minus 30 to 40 Degree f. range with winds of 30 miles per hour, gusting to 70 or 80 miles per hour. This is a huge, slow moving, killer snowstorm that could last three to four days. The leading edge of the storm is still three to four hours away.


         What are you going to do? Do nothing and you freeze to death.


      I have been preparing for this moment for some time now. Realizing that all the time I have before the killer storm arrives is 3 or 4 hours to construct an igloo that can withstand and shelter me from the storm and its 70 to 80 mph winds and save my life.



         Do you know how to build an igloo? Probably not. If you are going to play the pain relief game it’s time you learn. GOOGLE igloo building and be ready the next time you are in pain.


         Oh, and don’t forget a sleeping bag, tools, food and how about a flare gun to alert rescuers. Fill in anything else you think you might need.


Happy rescue from pain.


-Bob Flicker


 © robert 2014