(or are they?)

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     The Tea Party Clowns obviously aren’t laughing at their fellow clowns since they elected them from their own ranks to serve in the House of Representatives.

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       That august House of Representatives has now been transformed into the Republican/Tea Party Circus Tent.

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The Tea Party got what they wanted, a 3-ring circus with trained elephants (formerly known as Republicans).

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       There is no point in rehashing the events of the past weeks. Beginning with that mindless action resulting in the shutdown of the government with all its human and financial costs. It will be hard to forget that brainless threat not to raise the debt ceiling. Who didn’t know that the resulting default would have lead to the diminishing of our country’s prestige and credibility throughout the world? Those actions with their dire threats have terrible consequences that are aware to everyone in our country except to the clown crowd.


       There was little for the rest of America to laugh at. However, now that events have settled down, temporarily, we should take a couple of minutes to relieve our built up tensions by having a good laugh.


       I present for your entertainment a recording called THE LAUGHING RECORD that was first issued by OKeh Records in November 1922. I dedicate it to all of the Tea Party clowns in Washington who, ignorantly, believe American citizens can fit happily into a shrunken American government.

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       What are these clowns really trying to do? All they seem to be doing is “blowing their own, off-key, horns.”  This recording may not solve the tensions in Washington but it could relieve some of your own.


Bob Flicker        

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