How important is adding one, two, five or more years to your life? For many of you that is quite possible. And I am not talking about quitting smoking if you are still foolish enough to be doing so. And I am not talking bout your being over weight if, indeed, you are. You know all about that and all that other stuff. And I’m not talking about moving away from a dangerous neighborhood, that you would do if you could.


         There is a painless, easy way to a longer life for a good many of you. All you have to do is reach out and take it. It’s that simple. So, what’s the big secret? The answer is that simple. There is no big secret. There are a few minor problems and one very major problem though. There are no free rides.


         Hopefully you have given no one reason to wish you dead that could be a major problem. Louis Armstrong was only having some fun when he recorded I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal You in April 1931:

So, here are a few of the minor problems? How can they be resolved?


Problem #1:   The immortality syndrome

Problem # 2:  Instant satisfaction (To hell with tomorrow, live for today)

Problem # 3:  “Burning the candle at both ends”

Problem # 4:  “ Not giving a damn (The suicide mentality)”


         #1 I begin with the immortality syndrome due to the fact that too many people twenty years and younger believe that they are “immortal”. Of course they know that they will not live forever but there is too little time in their lives to consider or imagine that event. If they are healthy and reasonably happy, the pleasures of the moment far outweigh the concept of aging and dying. If you are one of these people, I’ve got news for you. If  you want more of what you enjoy, then try living longer. How? I will tell you how you can do it at the bottom of this article. Best of all, it’s affordable!


         #2 Instant satisfaction rules for too many of us. The pleasures enjoyed now and the promise of more to come clouds the future. And if not the pleasures, there are the painful events of now. So you think, there is no time for worrying about a tomorrow that may never come. I’ve got news for all of you. Most of you are going to make it to old age. The thing is, your old age, as it stands now, may not be very old. That can change. When you are sixty or seventy, how much would you pay if you were told you could live an extra four or five years?  It could happen and would be affordable. Check the bottom of this article to find out how.


         #3 Burning the candle at both ends is fun as long as it lasts (as long as you last). Unfortunately it doesn’t last very long before it ages you beyond your years. For the few of you who don’t know what I’m referring too, let me explain. It comes down to non-stop playing (around), eating, drinking, smoking, that and more with very little sleep. It not only ages you, it can kill you. If that’s what you want, don’t read any further. However, if you want to be around and in good health into older age and—live longer than you normally would read how you can afford to do it. It’s at the bottom of these pages.


         #4 I call this is the suicide mentalityNot giving a damn is a dead end.  Before you can go any further, you must get help. I can’t do it for you. All I can tell you is that life is a gift worth having and living. There are social agencies that are available that have professionally trained people who can offer you counseling and hope. It’s now affordable with OBAMA CARE.


The Answer




         It’s very important that you know your family health history. This could be tricky for some of you but be a detective. What if any diseases did your mother or father have? What about grandmothers and grandfathers? Were there relatives in your direct line that had cancer or other illnesses that can be traced?


         You might not have been in a financial position to get the kind of medical checkups necessary before. OBAMA CARE may provide the affordable care that you need now. Don’t put off checking this out. There’s a good chance you might get the care that will help you live a longer life. Then you can drink...






Bob Flicker

June 2015


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